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Purpose and Values

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Regenerative Architecture and Sustainability

Sustainability and regenerative architecture is at the core of what we do at HuM Architects.  We encourage clients to explore and engage with what this means for them and we work together to ensure that sustainable outcomes are central to each project.  Our practice aims to ‘touch the earth lightly’ by providing longevity and flexibility to our designs in a sustainable way.

Site planning and orientation, solar access, natural light and ventilation, specification of materials that have low embodied energy, and which can be recycled or re-used, together with incorporation of sustainable technologies such as heat pumps, are fundamental elements which are considered starting with the first discussion about a project.

Our commitment to sustainability means that we are certified as a Carbon Neutral business through the Carbon Reduction Institute, as well as signatories to Architects Declare.  Our team engage with ongoing education so that we can grow our understanding and knowledge of this area and apply this to all our activities.

True sustainability is about more than just climate, it is about how we choose to live in the world.


Collaboration is fundamental to taking an idea for a project and developing and creating a building that is the best possible outcome for that idea.  The HuM Architects studio is a collaborative environment that integrates the objective that every member of a project team provides valued input and commitment to our partnership with clients and the work that is proposed. Within the studio our team are supported through mentoring and leadership opportunities.

We enjoy gathering the right team to take that concept through the entire journey of a project, from the initial client briefing, through the planning and development phases and into construction. We understand that clients rely on our expertise to guide this process and we work together with a range of consultants and builders to ensure we can find the best fit for each project.

Informed Decisions

One of our primary goals is to provide our clients with valuable information to aid their decision making process for any project.  We know that there are many factors that influence what a project becomes and we assist clients to make sense of what their priorities are and how these work together to influence brief, timing and budget.  This assists clients to gain clarity and determine the way forward for any proposal.

This often starts with a feasibility study which looks at options for a site and starts the conversation on what the game plan needs to be to achieve the goals the client is exploring.

As the phases of a project continue, we make it a priority to ensure that clients have accurate information and an understanding of the implications of decisions on costs and outcomes throughout.  This enables clients, consultants and builders to make the choices that are needed to keep a project moving forward.

Communication &
On Time Delivery

To ensure the success of any project, effective communication is key. We meet expectations by providing clear and consistent communication.  Clients are provided with information about scheduling and key dates of the project program.

Our experience means that we know what elements of a project to prioritise at each stage and we provide guidance on when adjustments to a program need to be made to ensure that clients are always aware of the progress of their project.

We commit to establishing timelines and then providing our clients with on time delivery of project milestones to meet their needs.


HuM Architects offer a dynamic, engaging process to provide effective and creative design solutions for residential, commercial and interior projects.

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