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Services and Process

HuM Architects provides services for a wide range of project types including residential extensions, new dwellings, townhouse or multi-residential buildings, apartments, commercial projects and interiors.  Our practice works across the Melbourne metropolitan area and regional Victoria as well as interstate.

Feasibility Study Hum Architects


A Feasibility study is an essential starting point for ensuring that your budget and design brief are aligned.

Unsure your budget will meet your design brief for your new extension, home or development?

This is a regular uncertainty when we meet with new clients to discuss their project.

Embarking on a project is an exciting, engaging and rewarding experience with HuM Architects. With reliable communication and clarity of expectations underpinning our professional approach, a Feasibility Study is an essential starting point.

  • Initial client briefing, including site visit

Our Feasibility Study will analyse and determine whether your ideas, site conditions and planning requirements are aligned with your budgetary constraint.  Our study will provide the information needed for you to make an informed decision prior to embarking on your project and everything that involves.

Our clients agree that this is an invaluable, engaging process to start developing a wonderful liveable home.

Feasibility Report typically to include:

  • 2-3 Freehand Layout Sketches

  • Building Cost Estimates for each layout

  • Client meeting to present feasibility report & initial project ideas

Concept Design

In Concept Design we take the chosen options and ideas from the feasibility study and explore and develop them into a cohesive floor plan that begins to blend all the elements of the client brief, regulatory requirements and site constraints

  • Client meetings and reviews to present, explain and further develop conceptual ideas

  • Develop and finalise conceptual ideas into Concept Design Plans using CAD

  • Detailed review of town planning regulations and siting requirements for the project

  • Preliminary co-ordination of consultant involvement

HuM Architects Concept
HuM Architects Design Development.jpg


Once Concept Design has been completed the project evolves to include the design of the elevations, volumes and spaces allowing a more detailed understanding of the proposed building.

  • Refinement of Concept Design Layout based on client feedback

  • Further development of concept ideas in Elevation and 3d CAD formats

  • Exploration of proposed external materials

  • Co-ordination of required consultants

  • Preliminary enquiries with local authorities and planning meeting if considered necessary

  • Co-ordination of consultant for updated cost estimate

  • Client meeting to present and review developed design, materials and estimated build cost


When a planning application to the local authority is needed the design development documentation is expanded to include the information required for submission to council.

  • Production of drawing documentation necessary to describe the proposal in the council submission.  May include streetscape elevations, shadow drawings and overlooking diagrams

  • Preparation of planning report to support the application

  • Co-ordination of any consultant documentation required for submission

  • Liase with council planning department and assist clients with negotiation

HuM Architects Town Planning
HuM Architects Construction Documentation

Construction Documentation

Construction Documentation provides the additional information needed for pricing, building approval and construction of your project.

  • Production of construction drawings and supporting documentation required for building permit approval.  This includes plans, elevations and sections that describe how the project will be constructed

  • Drawings, schedules and specifications that focus on the construction detailing of the project

  • Co-ordination of consultant services and documentation for permit approval

  • Assistance with tendering and builder selection

  • Management of the building permit application process including Protection Works Notices, Report and Consent applications and Performance Solutions


Interiors design encompasses the proposed internal room layouts, fixtures and fittings and design of internal joinery, together with material selections and lighting.

  • Production of Interior design drawings

  • Schedules to describe internal materials & finishes, selected fixtures and fittings, appliances, lighting and electrical

  • Client meetings to present and review proposed interior designs and selections

  • Co-ordination with consultants where required

HuM Architects Interiors
HuM Architects Contract Administration


Once a builder has been selected and a building permit issued the project will commence on site.  At this stage the role of the architect is to administer the building contract between the client and the builder based on contract type.

  • Preparation and assistance with execution of the building contract

  • Periodic site inspections, monitoring of project progress

  • Administering and management of contractor site queries, variation requests, progress claims and certifications

  • Defects inspections and finalisation of contract

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